Uttam Pashu Puraskar Yojana


Animal husbandry and Dairying activities continue to be integral part of human life. As a sequel to the age old practices and dependence of population on livestock, Himachal Pradesh is endowed with the large livestock population. According to 2019 Census, total livestock population of H.P. is 44.13 Lakh. Out of which 18.28 lakh are cattle and 6.47 lakh are buffaloes. In order to encourage and incentivize livestock owners rearing high milk yielding animals, it is being proposed to provide cash prize for rearing of such animals.

Objective of the Scheme

To provide incentive and encouragement to livestock Owners for rearing good quality high yielding animals.

Implementing Agency

Department of Animal Husbandry, Himachal Pradesh.

Eligible Beneficiaries

Livestock owner of Cattle/Buffaloes giving 15 lts or more milk per day.

Incentive to be given

Livestock owner of Cattle/Buffaloes giving 15 lts or more milk per day will be awarded Cash prize of Rs. 1000/- per Cow/Buffalo.

Area of Implementation

Entire State.

Implementation Strategy

  • Funds will be released to the Controlling Officers as per Physical Targets fixed for each district.
  • Under the scheme, cattle/buffaloes yielding more than 15 Kg or more per day as peak yield will be recorded.
  • Milk Recording will be done at veterinary Hospital/Dispensaries of the Animal Husbandry Department.
  • The Milk Recording can be carried out any time during lactation period.
  • Prize will be admissible to maximum to two animals per farmer.
  • The recording of milk production would be done by a committee consisting of :
    • Veterinary Officer of the area.
    • Veterinary Pharmacist/GPVA of the concerned institution area.
    • Representative of the local body to be verified by the concerned Senior Veterinary Officer.
  • Milk production shall be recorded for four consecutive timings (Morning and Evening) and an average three milking would be counted for calculation of the peak yield.
  • Detail of all eligible animals duly verified by the Senior Veterinary Officer will be submitted to concerned deputy Director (AH/B) for distribution of Prizes money.
  • Cash prize of Rs. 1000/- per Cattle Buffaloes will be given to animals giving 15 lts or more milk per day. Prizes will be transferred in the bank account of the selected owners.
  • Male calves born to these high yielding dams can be procured and reared at sperm stations.
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